To rest is a wise decision


It is Wednesday, May 11th. I had a couple of “good” days and then Monday night I plummeted. Crazy how all these drugs make you go downhill so quickly. I felt like I had a full on fever and chills Monday night. I didn’t (and I can’t afford to) have a common flu. But I just wanted to curl up and shut out the world. I should’ve gone to bed a lot sooner than nine o’clock, but I didn’t and I my body paid for it. I did notice that after I took my Fluconazole that afternoon that I started to feel funky and I didn’t listen to my body. It was supposed to be one of the ‘good’ days right? I should be able to do what I want. Next time I am going to be good and not push it. I’m down enough as it is physically. So if you see me overdoing it tell my husband 🙂 Also I knew better, call me stubborn but there is life outside of my house and I just want to live, but in doing so I freak my husband out. What is he going to do with me?

I did get to go out yesterday briefly and take my daughter to get her early birthday present. It was very exciting for me! She wanted a purple streak in her hair and I wasn’t too keen on that idea but dad approved it. A hair stylist talked me out of it after reminding me about the process and so I decided we would do partial highlights and subtle layers. She looks so beautiful! I also got it right she loves her hair more than getting a purple streak. I did something right! Oh the small victories in life.

Yesterday was another ‘good’ day, I got to hang out with a friend that was very dear to me many years ago and honestly I don’t know why we didn’t keep in touch, but it was wonderful to see her! She used to come over when the kids were little and hang out with me. I would feel so lonely and a little depressed and she would be there for me. Just a friend who cared to see beyond my I’m ok attitude.
Now it is time for me to take the evening and rest, maybe play a little bit of music.

No Bad Days, some are good and some are sucky, but never bad. Why? I have so much more to live for and God isn’t done with me yet!



  1. Dale n'Angela Dixon | June 12, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Thanks for sharing Tamika… are beautiful!

  2. Amy Waddle | June 12, 2014 at 3:37 pm

    I love you Tamika!!


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