2014 December


Thank You & Merry Christmas

Hello Family and Friends!

I have been meaning to send out a card or letter over these past few months and I wanted to personally write each and every one but I had over a hundred to write and the task right now is difficult for me and a little overwhelming, so please forgive me for sending out a digital letter.

As you know, this past year was a difficult year and a blessed year put together.  My husband was questioning if I was even going to be here eight months ago and here I am celebrating my life but yours as well. Read More


Keep Breathing

UPDATE 3/30/2015: Our kids have performed this dance at two competitions this year. They were awarded a Platinum and 1st overall in their class at Dupree (San Francisco) and also won 1st in SOL (San Luis Obispo). It is amazing to watch and see how people are moved by this dance every time they perform. We hope to get some GREAT video from 24/7 in May and we will share it with you all 🙂

UPDATE 2/27/2015: The name of the dance has been changed to Survivor (our parents story) and our kids will be competing with this dance starting at Dupree Dance in SF this weekend. So blessed to have our kids telling this story to the world through dance 🙂

Last night at our dance studio’s Christmas Showcase we were taken by surprise when the studio owner announced that our children were performing a dance for us. We had no idea that they had been choreographing and practicing this dance for the last few weeks. They kept is a secret, didn’t put it on the schedule and even told us they were going to the studio to practice other dances every time they asked for a special rehearsal.

So here it is, the story of William and I over this last year told in dance by our children.

Merry Christmas!

-Tamika Read More


Our Little Pink Experience

So back in the beginning, when we first got the news that I had cancer, we didn’t really know what things were going to look like.  William spent hours googling (what…it’s a word) to find answers and figure out what our next steps would look like, who were the doctors we should use, was there financial help…and one of the organizations he found was Little Pink Houses of Hope.

We read about how this non-profit was giving away family vacations to Breast Cancer patients, and while it wasn’t something that I initially wanted to sign up for because I didn’t feel that I really qualified for it, we filled out the application and sent it in.  I imagine that thousands of people did the same, because weeks later I received an email thanking me for my application but telling me that all the spots were full and that I could apply again next year.  I was a little bummed 🙁 Read More


This one time at little pink camp…

This one time at little pink camp…

…I met the founder of this amazing organization, the incredible volunstars and eight other families who were going through this crazy journey called cancer.  We laughed a lot, we cried just a little bit and I believe some strong friendships were made.

On November 3rd we drove to Tahoe.  We arrived at this Baptist Church at four thirty in the evening to get checked in to our Little Pink Retreat.  We were greeted by some men outside and then some volunstars (a little pink volunteer) in the foyer and the founder of Little Pink.  They were all so friendly and welcoming.  I got to meet a few of the people that I had been facebooking with so it was nice to finally see them in person. Read More