September 2014 - Cancer@36


The Next Steps

This week is the beginning of the next steps for me.  I posted a few weeks ago that my PET scan had come back clear – it shows no cancer activity in my tissue.  But that’s not the end of the journey.  I still have surgery & more treatments for the next several months.  I know that this is as foreign to many of you as it once was to me, so here are some of the details, the why of it all and what I’m facing in the coming days/weeks/months. Read More


Hello World

Hello World,

It’s been One month and ten days since my last Chemo Treatment and I know I haven’t written much. It’s taken me some time just to get back to a place where I can sit down and write again. I was pretty sick with the last treatment and pretty much forced myself to eat and drink water for a couple of weeks. I still did the things that needed to be done, but the truth is that I just wanted to be put out of my misery every step of the way. Read More


Chemo Round 5: Honestly

It’s been 6 weeks since round 5…and I’m finally getting around to sharing about this one.  I had so many emotional ups and downs with this one and I felt awful for 2 weeks.  Throwing up three days in a row and not knowing what to expect is just exhausting! Read More

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