June 2014 - Cancer@36


To rest is a wise decision

It is Wednesday, May 11th. I had a couple of “good” days and then Monday night I plummeted. Crazy how all these drugs make you go downhill so quickly. I felt like I had a full on fever and chills Monday night. I didn’t (and I can’t afford to) have a common flu. But I just wanted to curl up and shut out the world. I should’ve gone to bed a lot sooner than nine o’clock, but I didn’t and I my body paid for it. Read More


Thank you!

It’s Monday, sunny and warm. Just thought you would like to know. 🙂

I have had two “good” days, which means that I don’t feel sick and I only have spurts of energy and then none and little aches here and there – Thank you Lord! 🙂 I prefer no energy to feeling sick any day. But I would like none of this. LOL!  I am also stoked that my ten day period finally stopped! Insert happy dance. Read More


Chemo Round 2

I’d like to tell you that my experience is the norm, that there is some standard that everyone can follow when they go through chemo. That just isn’t the truth. I’ve learned firsthand that every treatment is different for every patient. And even a single patient can have a very different experience with each individual treatment. My second treatment was proof of that.

My second treatment began with a quick visit with Oncologist. He examined my breast and confirmed that my tumor was shrinking. THANK THE LORD! We chatted and he decided that we needed to get a marker placed in my breast near the tumor so that they can keep track of it. He said that it could just shrink away and they need to know where to go if that happens. Read More


Chemo On Your Birthday

To: Tamika
From: William

Happy Birthday Tamika!  Well, how does it feel to be 37?  Did I mention that I’m still 36 – woohoo!  Seriously, I know I tease and joke, but I’m so happy to celebrate you on this day.  I love being the first one to say ‘happy birthday’ in the morning and seeing your smile in reply.

I love you and hope you have an amazing day!


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