May 2014 - Cancer@36


I’m Not Broken

I realize that we all deal with uncomfortable news differently. Our reactions range from mild to extreme. I have said some stupid things in my life or responded like an idiot and for that I do apologize. 🙂

I have been thinking about life a lot and I have to continuously keep myself in a state of calmness. If I don’t I feel sick. So it is a conscious effort on my part every day to stay in this state. It comes across to others like I may not care but I do, I just can’t let myself be stressed even when I feel bad, which leads me into this topic of being broken. I feel like I am looking at life in a much different way and I see people a little bit differently. But know this I will always love you. 🙂 Read More


Let me tell you how I really feel

Some of you have asked me what I am going through. Is it like a cold? The flu?  People tell me they want to understand.  A few of you have asked me to tell my story.  I don’t like to be the focus of people’s attention…actually, I get a little embarrassed and feel silly.  But this time I feel like maybe there is someone out there that I can help by being open about the process of this journey and letting them know that God is my focus to help me get through this. So here is my story of Chemo Round 1. Read More


Bald is Beautiful

Well, 14 days after my first chemo treatment my hair started falling out. It wasn’t just a little…it was a lot. So I had William take some pictures of my short hair and last night we shaved it! William put together this amazing video for me, and I wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy 😉 Read More


First Day of Chemo

Tuesday, May 6th   So I decided to get a port installed. If you have never seen a port, it’s an implanted device that makes it easier for me to get ‘plugged in’ to the IV drip for chemotherapy. It was a very last-minute decision. I had an echocardiogram scheduled for the same time that I had to cancel for the surgery. On top of all the stress of cancer, this would be my first time ever under general anesthesia. Yep – this would be my first surgery ever. Read More


Meeting with the Oncologist

I had a meeting with my Oncologist (cancer doctor) today. He wanted to see how I was doing after my first treatment, and what kind of side effects I had been experiencing. We went through my list (I’ll share that list in another post) and talked about a few things we could change to help during the next rounds. He is going to adjust my Neulasta shot to 1/2 the dose (if my white blood cell count is up) and this should help with a lot of the pain I experienced last week. Read More


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