April 2014 - Cancer@36


Meeting the surgeon and tests

So now its time to meet the surgeon. At this point we are still thinking that we are just going to cut this thing out and be done…that would have been nice. Here is a recap of what happened over the next few days.

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The Diagnosis

Getting a phone call from a doctor that just poked a 12″ needle in your breast isn’t a call you look forward to. And when you do get that call, you want the doctor to have a good bed-side manner – you know, not be stiff and calculated. Here is the story of the phone call I received and the events that followed.

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Finding a Lump

About five weeks ago I found a lump in my left breast.  It would have been March 12.  I knew my period was due to start and so tenderness and firmness in the breast was normal.  I knew that the lump was not.  March 13 my period started and I hadn’t mentioned the lump to William yet.  After a few days and the tenderness not subsiding I let William know about the lump.  He wanted to go in immediately.  I said “let’s wait until my period is done and then go from there.”

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